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Out now: ‘Was ist ein Brief? – What is a letter?’

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Dear readers,

we, the curators of this blog, are very pleased to announce that our edited collection Was ist ein Brief? – Aufsätze zu epistolarer Theorie und Kultur. What is a letter? – Essays on epistolary theory and culture is now available from Königshausen & Neumann.

Our warmest thanks go to the authors who contributed to this volume.

Your sincerely,

Marie Isabel Matthews-Schlinzig and Caroline Socha


PS: Table of contents

Marie Isabel Matthews-Schlinzig / Caroline Socha: Von einfachen Fragen, oder: Ein Brief zur Einführung


I. Konzepte des Briefes / Conceptualizing letters

Michael Sinding: Letterier: categories, genres, and epistolarity

Nicholas Cronk: Generic instability in Voltaire’s correspondence: When is a letter not a letter?

Robert Vellusig: Die Poesie des Briefes. Eine literaturanthropologische Skizze

Inka Kording: Epistolarisches. Die achtfache Relationalität des Briefes

Jochen Strobel: Welchen Erkenntnisgewinn versprechen digitale Briefeditionen?

II. Ein Medium im Wandel / A changing medium

Grace Egan: Epistolary valediction in Johnson and Thrale’s correspondence

Julia Gillen: ‘I should have wrote a letter tonight’: A Literacy Studies perspective on the Edwardian postcard

Alan Scott: Letters 2.0? Linguistic insights into the extent to which social media are a substitute for personal letters

Emma de Vries: Letters in/on transition: neo-epistolarity, nostalgia, and new media

III. Schreibkulturen / Cultures of writing

Patrick Reinard: Briefe auf Papyri und Ostraka. Bemerkungen zur quellenkritischen Auswertung in der althistorischen Forschung

Lik Hang Tsui: Calligraphic letters as precious objects in Chinese history

Lena Vosding: Gifts from the convent: the letters of the Benedictine Nuns at Lüne as the material manifestation of spiritual care

Marie Isabel Matthews-Schlinzig: Collaboration and imagination in letters between parents and their children: The Herder family correspondence 1788–89


Autorinnen und Autoren / Contributors