Reblogged: Networks and Individuals: Opportunities and challenges in mapping relationships through the study of correspondence

Insightful and informative summary of papers, discussions, and at the end a very useful list of relevant questions that necessitate further research and debate.

Lives of Letters

The Lives and Afterlives of Letters Network’s three events for semester 1 take the form of four 10-minute lightning talks with 40 minutes of interdisciplinary discussion following, with a special focus on methodological issues and the sharing of best practices.

The first session took place on Thursday 12 October in the historic surrounds of the Christie Room at the John Rylands Library, and centred on the study of Networks and Individuals.

A report of the four lightning talks and the discussion following is provided below.

Roberta Mazza (UoM, Classics and Ancient History): Networking in Roman and Byzantine Egypt: Private Letters on Papyrus From the John Rylands Collection

jrl1502105 Letter from Heron to Heroninus, 2nd Century CE (John Rylands Library Greek P 57)

Dr Roberta Mazza, Lecturer in Graeco-Roman Material Culture, presented an overview of the focus of her recent research: the John Rylands Library’s collections of 2000…

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