A short update regarding the symposium ‘What is a letter? An interdisciplinary approach’

As mentioned in an earlier post, the response to our Call for Papers was impressive: we received more than 75 proposals from scholars working in a range of institutions, disciplines, and countries, the latter including Argentine, Australia, Austria, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the USA.

This goes to show that letter research is a truly international, interdisciplinary, and thriving field worthy of attention (and, for that matter, funding).

Caroline Socha and I have begun to notify those whose proposals we have accepted and everyone whose submission we will, unfortunately, not be able to include. If you have not heard from myself or my colleague, yet, please bear with us for a little longer. We wilI get in touch as soon as possible.

I would like to use this opportunity to again thank everyone who contacted us. Please stay in touch, either via email or via this blog which welcomes contributions and suggestions. If you are organizing or hear about a letter-related event, be it a workshop, a conference, or an exhibition, or if you simply want to share the fruits of your research, or your thoughts on letters and letter writing, please let us know.

PS: As of now,  there is some advance information about the symposium programme and venue available here; more detailed information to follow in due course.


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